“This book is a gift, the grounded learnings and observations of
an experienced practitioner translated into disarmingly simple
and accessible yet deep ideas. Beautifully presented, it includes
a fount of useful practices, perspectives and information.”

Mr Jonathan Norton, Counselling Psychologist and
Senior Public Sector Mental Health Manager


“Megan Williams’ book is one of the most clearly written, for
both clients and workers, on grounding techniques and stress
management I have read. Her visuals, her self-guided exercises
and her depth of content is accessible and beautifully described.
I am a Psychologist in private practice and also a Program
Manager of a program that trains Aboriginal child, youth, and
family workers in family therapy skills. This book will be an
invaluable resource for both workers and participants. It is
both informative and invitational.”

Dr Kerry Proctor – Psychologist, Family Therapist, and Manager of the
Indigenous Program, The Bouverie Centre, La Trobe University, Victoria.