Dear Readers

First I must apologise for not having blogged in so long. Maybe I have been experiencing post festive seasonitis (not a real condition!)

It is astonishing to think it is 2014 already and I hope you have all enjoyed a happy and rejuvenating summer break. Those living in Melbourne (Australia) may still be trying to grapple with the heatwave and that means staying calm is even more important. Below I have added a beach photo of Cow Bay in Far North Queensland so you can imagine you are there and feeling cool and soothed.

Many people make new years resolutions which can be hard to live up to as the year goes on. Whatever you have decided to try please remember to be patient with yourself as you develop a new healthy habit or start a project or course. Beating yourself up will not help and will be more likely to demotivate you. Habits can take time to develop and any project worth doing will require effort and persistence. I know this from my own experience as it took almost two years from conception of the idea of my book Calm Ground to the point where I can refer clients to it and begin marketing.

Keeping one’s cool is important and I often refer to my own book and website to remind myself what I need to do when things get stressful.  So do take the plunge if you have a great idea as my self-publishing a book, which is beginning to sell well,  is something I never could have imagined two years ago when I started jotting down ideas. As a friend and I are always saying and reminding each other about when we are working on our dreams, “This is a grand experiment”.





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